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We only service Educational, Institutional, Healthcare and Government facilities in the Greater Toronto Area


Please notice that we need two (2) business days notice to process your order before your delivery day. Cut off 3:00 pm

Please notice that we deliver ONLY TO GROUND FLOOR; for security and health reasons we DO NOT do steps & stairs

Delivering Toronto and Metropolitan Peel & York areas EVERY DAY !!!

Plan your snack day after your delivery day to avoid pressure in waiting for the snacks to arrive on time

We have a schedule of delivery days, which you can refer to and see when to expect your order through the week. 
We do not guarantee morning deliveries; your order will arrive during school hours. 

Special deliveries for a fee were something we used to do but can’t keep up with it anymore due to high demand. To avoid disappointment, make sure that you are placing your order 48 hours in advance (cut off is 4pm). Any orders placed outside of this time frame cannot be processed in time and we'll book your delivery for next delivery day.

We deliver only to ground floor and buyer must notify School's staff about it. If your kitchen/freezer/storage for the delivery is located at ground level, great! If not, an elevator can be used. If elevator is not in place or out of service, our driver will drop off the delivery wherever the office will instruct to do so.

Our drivers are not responsible for cleaning up where the delivery will be stored (specially fridges and freezers); so please make sure that you have room to store your order BEFORE we arrive. If your freezer/fridge does not have enough space, driver will always notify a staff member whenever an unattended item needs refrigeration. 

Minimum order & Shipping Fees

There is a minimum order of $200 for Toronto and Metropolitan Peel & York (free delivery)

If you have a smaller order, you are more than welcome to pick it up (we are at Dufferin & Steeles area)

If you need delivery there will be a delivery charge of $15 for orders below $200 or  $25 for orders below $100

A minimum order and delivery fee are required for deliveries outside of Toronto, please see details below

Far away deliveries will have a higher minimum order plus a delivery fee 
If you are in Bolton, Nobleton, Oakville, Schomberg, Mt Albert, Bradford, Holland Landing, Sharon, Queensville, a minimum order of $500 will apply, plus $15 shipping fee
As far as Georgetown, Pickering, Ajax, Caledon, Milton, Keswick, Gwillimbury, N/E of Stouffville a minimum order of $750, plus $20 shipping fee
As far as Burlington, Oshawa, Orangeville, Sutton, etc a minimum order of $1,000, plus $25 shipping fee

Delivery time

Your delivery time depends on:

Time drivers leave our warehouse
Number of orders to be delivered (average 20 orders)
The computerized delivery routing (which cannot be altered)
Traffic conditions (heavy traffic, accidents, rush hours, roadworks and detours means delays)
Weather conditions (rain, snow, storms, freezing rain, windy days = slower traffic)
Time consumed in each delivery (large deliveries take over 30 minutes)


Make sure there is somebody checking your order upon delivery. Snack Centre is not responsible for shortages after delivery.

Customer's responsibility: 

It's customer's full responsibility to check the nutrition, ingredients and shelf life before feeding the students.

Customer must have a parking area available for our truck, parking on busy streets is NOT an option.


Deliveries will be cancelled and re-scheduled due to extreme weather conditions!

Picking up: (minimum pick up: $100)

This is not a store, but a warehouse

We are in and out all the time, therefore you must pick up by appointment

Please call before coming to coordinate pick up and payment (eTransfer or cash)

When picking up frozen items, customers will be responsible of thawing ... bring your iceboxes !

Product claims: 

Customer will keep any damage product stored and wait for exchange or return (we need proof to claim to manufacturer) 
Claims and/or returns are accepted within 1 day after receiving order.


Produce and baked items are returnable only if customer brings the items back to our warehouse within 24 hours after delivery.

If we have to pick up, there will be a $20 pick up fee charge plus a 10% re-stock fee charge.


Customers commit to mail payments within 1-2 weeks after receiving orders


Please notice we take 2 weeks vacation in December (same as Schools).

Also 1 week vacation by the very end of August, resuming operation after Labour day.

Disclaimer: due to the large amount of data and products we deal with and the constant changes from manufacturers, there may be involuntary outdated information in description, categorizing, nutrition, ingredients, shelf life, picture, brand, packaging, quantity, tax and pricing that will be updated upon invoicing with or without notification; please -before feeding the students- check details on received items for accurate information.

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