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Returns and/or order's claims are accepted within 24 hours after delivery.

Original shipping charge -if any- is non-refundable.


If you have to exchange/return an item(s) because you made a mistake, items must be in its original package; just the way it was delivered to you. We cannot accept any exchanges/returns if the original package has been open and/or tampered. Our driver will inspect the item(s) beforehand to make sure it adheres to our guidelines.

If you want us to make the change, we will do it on your next delivery area day (a $20 pick up fee will apply).

If we made a mistake and you receive any item(s) that you did not order or if it is the wrong item(s), we will change it ASAP. No fees will apply.

Refunds for returned items will be credited on your next purchase or we will update your invoice and email you a new one. 

It's Customer's full responsibility to check products' shelf life on our website or manufacturer's website and/or ask us date on products in case of doubt and run the snacks programs according to the expire dates. 

It's also Customer's full responsibility to check products' shelf life upon receiving and to rotate stocks properly (first-in, first-out).

Expired products will not be exchanged.

All frozen, baked and dairy products sales are 100% final.

Disclaimer: due to the vast amount of data we deal with, there may be involuntary outdated data or errors in descriptions, prices, tax and/or pictures. Any error on price will be updated upon invoicing with or without notification. For sensitive ingredients and/or nutritional information, we suggest customers to check direct from manufacturer's websites. Please notice stocks are up and down all the time; as a "drop-stock-company" we depend 100% on their availability and delivery; we'll always try our best to accommodate your order.

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