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We service kids related organizations like day cares, schools, sport clubs and summer camps across GTA, allowing us to be familiar with the PPM 150's nutritional requirements and allergens concerns; therefore we offer a variety of alternatives. However, 

It's Customer's full responsibility to make sure they receive the right products and double check ingredients before feeding any child with allergies

If following
PPM 150 or SNP guidelines, it's schools' full responsibility to make sure products comply by double checking nutritional information before ordering.

The products we distribute are manufactured by companies and we try to provide the information labelled on the products' packaging or information provided by manufacture's website. If you have any doubt in any product you must contact manufacturer.

The products & items we distribute come in sealed packages or cases from Manufacturers and Brokers.

Shall you need more information about a product, you must contact manufacturer.

Snack Centre is NOT responsible for misinformation and/or omitted information and/or outdated information.

Disclaimer: due to the vast amount of data we deal with, there may be involuntary outdated data or errors in descriptions, prices, tax and/or pictures. Any error on price will be updated upon invoicing with or without notification. For sensitive ingredients and/or nutritional information, we suggest customers to check direct from manufacturer's websites. Please notice stocks are up and down all the time; we depend 100% on manufacturers' product availability and manufacturers' delivery; we'll always try our best to accommodate your order.

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