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Cereal Bowl 96X20g Rice Chex .Gluten Free.

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Manufactured by General Mills

Packed in 30g bowls
96 bowls per case, sold by the case

Nut, peanut, egg & trans fat-free
PPM 150 School approved

Sell most criteria = 80%
Average shelf life 12 weeks

Ingredients: whole Grain Rice, Rice flour, sugar, salt,  calcium carbonate, refiner's molasses, polysorbate 80, graham's salt, tocopherols and BHT (to preserve freshness)

Nutrition: calories 80, fat 0.3g (0%), saturated 0g (0%), trans fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 0g, sodium 160mg (7%), carbo 17g (6%), fibres 0g (0%), sugar 2g, protein 1g, calcium 6%, iron 20%, niacin 4%, vitamin B6 6%, folate 6%, pantothenate 4%



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