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SnackCentre was born in January 2004 and is operated by the Vegas Roque Family (Jeannette, Veronika, David & Daniel)

It all began from scratch when we decided to manufacture and sell butter popcorn to schools in January 2004. 
After years dealing with school councils, we had the opportunity to start fulfilling their needs for more nutritional and allergen-free snack alternatives, wholesale food products and a variety of kitchen and miscellaneous items. 
We have serviced hundreds of Parent Councils plus many kids related organizations like Daycares, Sport associations, Clubs and Camps across GTA, allowing us to be familiar with nutritional requirements and allergens concerns; therefore we offer a great variety of healthy, nutritious and compliant items. 

Nowadays our online store displays thousands of items and we deliver to over 500 schools across the GTA!

SnackCentre became a Foodservice company and has achieved distributor status for large manufacturers like Dare, J&J Snacks, Frito Lay, Dole, Weston Bakeries, From Farm to Table, Canada Bread, Sweets from the Earth, Hains, Chapman’s, General Mills, Quaker, Shires Bakery, Kellogg's, Mott's and Saputo among others, allowing us to provide food service price to our customers. Last school year we helped Schools fundraising over $1,500,000.00!!
Feel free to browse our 24/7 online Store and find many specials and discounts per volume!
Our warmest thanks to Staff, Councils and Volunteers for their hard work and dedication; only you make Snack Programs possible.

The efforts you make allow Programs and Events that benefit our children.
May this year be full of learning, friendship, sports, arts, kindness, snacks, happiness and tons of fun !
Our family thanks you very much for making SnackCentre part of your group !

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